Milennials and Gen Z reshaping the workplace

Since 2016, Millennials and Gen Z have become the majority of today’s workforce. According to Inc Africa, 75% of the global workforce is expected to constitute these two generations by 2025.  To attract and retain them, companies must build a culture that is reshaped by their values, motivations, needs and expectations. For these generations, a job is no longer just about the salary, it has more to do with purpose and with the workplace. It’s important for them to find work that’s personally fulfilling. Learn more about the characteristics & motivating factors of Millennials and Gen Z and how they have reshaped the workplace.

Millennials and Gen Z character traits and the opportunities they bring to the workplace

Technical skills are the knowledge and experience you need to perform a particular job. It can vary across industries and jobs. Some examples that are currently in demand in the workplace:

Tech-savvy and connected Millennials

It is no doubt that Millennials and Gen Z are a digital generation. They are always updated with today’s ever-changing world of technology, and they have a huge amount of technical expertise. Their ability to quickly understand and adopt new tools is stunning, and this is the most important strength that they bring to the organization.

Adventurous and curious generation

These generations are hungry to expand their skills. They look out for new experiences and are not afraid to go out of their comfort zone. Their fresh eye can bring new ideas and develop strategies that will ultimately encourage business growth.


Millennials and Gen Z are fond of networking. They come from a modern age of diversity, which makes it easy for them to communicate regularly and openly. They work well in teams and have a high tolerance toward difference and are open to other opinions. This modern mindset creates a positive work environment and high performing team.

Gen Z, as well as Millennials, are resourceful 

Their resourcefulness is impressive. They are quick to learn and bring unique solutions to problems. They also come up with better and faster ways of getting things done to increase efficiency. Bottom line? Their creativity, fresh eye, insights and knowledge are very valuable to an organization.

Competitive and growth-oriented

They are known for their new way of work and empowerment to challenge the status quo. Their aim is to find meaning and purpose in the work they do and to use their skills to make a difference. They always ensure the best result, which helps keep a company moving forward. They like to be seen as a thinker with strategic mindsets.


They have the ability to juggle different tasks and pay attention to them simultaneously. Likewise, they are focus-oriented, which enables them to absorb new information quickly and adjust to dynamic change. This is definitely a big advantage for the modern-day workplace, where changes keep happening and one needs to stay ahead of current trends to remain competitive.

What are Millennials and Gen Z looking for from their employers?

We have, in our team at Proactive, hosted several groups of Millennials and Gen Z for a round table and discussions after their first few months or years in employment. What they gave us as insights and feedback are genuine and very straightforward. Quality of life and partner time are the common grounds, but grit and pushing the limits of their knowledge are seen in Millennials as much as in Gen Z.

Work-life balance and flexibility

They are not ready to sacrifice their personal life for their careers, and they like to work in companies whose values align with their desire for work-life balance. It has become the new normal for companies to offer flexible working options to match Millennials and Gen Z lifestyles like flexitime, compressed hours and remote working. Giving them the freedom and autonomy to work from anywhere and trusting them to get the job done. The pandemic has revolutionized the way they connect with one another.

Constant Learning and Development

Opportunities for continuous learning and development are important for these generations. They will join an employer who will enable them to expand their skills and where they feel supported to advance and develop their careers. Companies need to establish regular training and coaching programs based on their needs. Research shows that Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to stay longer within an organization if they have the opportunities to progress, be empowered and take on leadership roles. 

At Proactive, we have designed and curated our learning and development courses in line with your needs and demands.

Employer’s ability to nurture Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Communicate your organization’s commitment to DEIB across all your employer branding channels. Millennials and Gen Z will be more attracted to your organization if they see that you are nurturing and encouraging diversity. According to them, it’s the ideal workplace as diverse team members foster better ethics, develop talent and promote creativity.

Moreover, they want to feel valued and heard; get them involved in decision-making and give them the freedom to share their ideas and contribute to the organization’s strategy.

Attracted by recognition and reward programs

Effective recognition and reward strategies create a sense of purpose, mission and values. Millennials and Gen Z want to feel recognized and rewarded for their achievements, as well as any steps they take above and beyond their duties. It encourages them to work hard and increases their job satisfaction. As an employer, you need to make them feel like what they are doing is important.

Final thoughts

There are many opportunities and benefits that Millennials and Gen Z can bring to your workplace. It is very important for an organization to tailor their recruiting efforts, engagement and benefits initiatives to attract and retain these energetic generations. They can be top talents if employees find the right way to unlock and promote their strengths.

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