Tips to write a job description that attracts the ideal candidate

Job description that attract the ideal candidate

Companies nowadays are struggling to attract top talents. One of the most important elements in competing for the ideal candidate’s attention is the job advert. Everyone who ever applied for a job will agree that a major part of it is the job description. The common, boring and unrealistic job description will not work anymore. Here are some tips to write job descriptions that will attract the ideal candidate.

We believe that your job descriptions are a reflection of your Employer Brand.

Emphasize what makes your organization different

First and foremost, you need to talk about your organization’s purpose, culture and mission. Hit the high points and get candidates excited to work at your company. State what you believe in and briefly address what makes your organization unique. For example; 

  • We believe in teamwork, innovation and growth through learning. 
  • We have succeeded in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. 
  • We are recognized as a Great Place to Work.

You have a split second to capture the candidate’s attention, so make the most out of your introduction, but make sure not to oversell. Be genuine.

Make the job description about the candidate

Their resourceful

Humanise the job descriptions by using “you” and “your,” as you are speaking to job seekers directly. Creative headings are great ways to grab attention and highlight what’s in for the candidate. For example; 

  • Why is it worth joining us?
  • What’s in for you?
  • Why you will love this job?
  • Why you will love being a part of our team?
  • What will you benefit from?

Here are some tips on how to formulate your benefits to appeal to the candidates:

  • You will benefit from a challenging growth opportunity with extensive training and coaching programs
  • You will continuously bring out the best in yourself with constant investment in your personal well-being
  • We aspire to give you a career, rather than just a pay cheque.
  • You will have opportunities to travel overseas to expand your network internationally
  • You will broaden your horizons by working on a highly integrated and diverse team 
  • We do our best to give you every support, tool, and work environment you need to excel at what you do.

Similarly, candidates want to know how the new job will benefit their lives as well. Constantly communicate your unique perks in your job descriptions, which adds value to your employer brand. Top talents will keep an eye out for opportunities at your company if they know that you have got a lot to offer. Some examples of benefits to attract the ideal candidate:

  • Flexibility
  • Rewards and recognition initiatives
  • Gifts for special occasions/celebrations 
  • Happy hours in the office
  • Wellness program (e.g massage, doctor visit)
  • The medical plan fully paid 
  • Pension scheme
  • Staff Discount
  • Fully funded courses

Bring the role to life to attract the candidate

Job descriptions need to be more realistic and interesting. You should tell a story that places the candidates at the centre of the action. A story should reflect the impact the candidate in this role will have on the success of the company.

While reading your job ad, your ideal candidate should be able to imagine themselves doing the job. You need to make them feel that they will accomplish important things. 

We strongly believe that the heading “What Would Your Day Look Like?” definitely appeals more than job roles or job duties/responsibilities. Here are some statement ideas you need to include in your job description to make it more impactful:

  • In this role, you will formulate our digital marketing strategy in light of recent changes in the ICT sector
  • You will help build amazing app experiences
  • You will work on projects with varying complexity in different domains
  • You have an impact on improving the client’s growth
  • You will cooperate with experts in various fields 
  • You will become a technology expert
  • You will be the driving force that will take the brand forward
  • You will lead a team of 20 people
  • At the end of your first year, your success would mean increasing sales by xx%

Focus on the skills of the candidate

Include a mix of hard skills and soft skills, as well as the required knowledge that the ideal candidate must have in your job descriptions. We recommend you not just list the skills, but make them more meaningful by demonstrating why you need them.

Here’s one creative way to address the profile of the candidate:

You will be a great-fit for the job if:

  • Your customer-centric attitude helps us provide state-of-the-art service to our clients.
  • You have copywriting skills to be the voice of the company
  • You have SEO experience and knowledge to improve the ranking of the brand
  • You have an agile, growth-oriented mindset
  • You are curious and purpose-driven
  • You are a beast at Microsoft Office
  • You are skilled at connecting with people
  • You have a solid understanding of  forecasting and budgeting

Here is a curated list of technical and soft skills you can consider based on the job requirements

Learn more about the skills in demand

A job description that reflects the company

To ensure a great job description that attracts the ideal candidate, think about all the positives in your company culture, the benefits, and the best parts of the job. Well, anything you can use to elevate the job in the mind of your potential candidate Then, consistently promote these elements in your job descriptions. You need to be realistic, creative and genuine. The market changes, so it’s important that you evaluate and make adjustments in your job posts, ideally every 3-6 months.

Written by Karishma Pattoo, Content Specialist at Proactive Talent

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