Top skills needed to land a job in 2022

The war of talent is real. In today’s competitive workplace, companies are giving less importance to degree requirements and are emphasizing more on soft-skills requirements in their job adverts and testing hard skills through certifications, evaluations and other methods. Employers generally seek a combination of both. It is therefore very important for candidates to understand […]

Mauritius Jobs Sectors and Job Profiles in High Demand

Mauritius is projected to maintain its 93.00% employment rate by the end of the second quarter of 2022 and maintain it throughout 2023. As per Trading Economics and Global Macro Models, job opportunities in Mauritius are widely available and accessible to Mauritians as well as expatriates. Important Industries in Mauritius, which are recruiting the most: […]

So, your outstanding CV got you to the interview stage? Well done! Now let’s get prepared for the interview. Our aim is to help you nail the interview! How will you get your interview questions right? Read further. No matter their age, experience, or position, most candidates feel under pressure during interviews. You will be […]

Recruiters spend less than 8 seconds reading a CV before making a GO or NO-GO decision. Well, they don’t really read the CV; instead, they merely “skim” it for details. Now, if you’re thinking “did the recruiter even get to page 5 of my CV”, I suggest you stay with me on this one. Proactive […]

Building resilience in the workplace

Resilience is the ability to bounce back swiftly from failure and adversity, not just returning to the status quo but also making use of the opportunity to learn and grow. A high-performing salesperson understands how to accept “no.” They recognize that sales is all about setbacks, the inability to close deals, and missing revenue targets. […]