Toxic employees

Everyone talks about toxic leaders but few talks about toxic employees ruining the workplace. They are often disruptive and can be a drain on resources. They may have a negative impact on office morale and productivity. A toxic employee is someone who has a pervasive pattern of irrational beliefs and feelings that contribute to destructive […]

A candidate's guide how to optimize your LinkedIn to stand out

In today’s fast-paced digital world, your online personal brand is more important than ever before. It can influence your network, and your chance for another job opportunity, and affect your ability to level up professionally. One way to build a strong online brand is to optimize your LinkedIn profile to stand out. This helps to […]

Four-day work week

Companies are finding more ways to attract and retain talent. Since the pandemic, flexibility has remained at the forefront. One of the new working models adopted by many companies across the world is the four-day work week under an alternate shift pattern. The challenge here is to work with the same workload but fewer hours. […]

Benefits of HR outsourcing

We know that it can be daunting to juggle between management and dealing with administrative and HR-related stuff. As a result, many businesses are outsourcing these functions, allowing them to streamline their operations. HR outsourcing is an agreement between a business and a third-party company to oversee some or all HR functions of the business. […]


Mauritius is known to have a lot of opportunities for foreign workers looking for a job whether you are an investor, a professional or self-employed. Learn more on the different type of permits, how to apply for work visas allowing you to get a job and live in Mauritius as a foreigner and where to […]