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We are all preparing to close 2020! Everyone is juggling between their Christmas shopping, the preparation for the Christmas Eve or hosting family gatherings. However, by doing so, stress is undoubtedly accumulated. It can show up at work!

Therefore, holidays are the ideal time to set up some team building activities in the workplace. The purpose? Relieve the stress among employees and help them work together more effectively.

Here are three ideas of team building activities to make the workplace less stressful during the End of Year season.

Organize a Charity event

It is the perfect time of the year to give back. Giving to charity is soulful and precious. Not only it promotes goodwill, but it can bond coworkers as they strive in helping someone else.

What’s your favourite family dessert? 

A competition idea. Set up a table in the break room and ask employees to sign up to prepare and bring their favourite family dessert. The participants must write up a short note about why this is a family favourite and tips about themselves. In the end, coworkers will have to guess who prepared which dessert and they will perform a vote on who prepared the best dessert. Offer a gift card to the winners and those who guessed correctly. Having this type of team building activity will help your employees to get to know each other in a pleasant way, after all, never underestimate the power of food.

Secret Santa

Plan this activity ahead of time.
Each employee draws a coworker’s name.
It is essential to pre-define the value of the gifts, for instance, it should not exceed a certain budget, and to define expectations to avoid hurt feelings.
Each person’s Secret Santa will be revealed at the company holiday party while giving the gift.
With this activity, coworkers will get to know each other, by asking questions to everyone, being careful to not spoil the surprise.

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